Fashion plaid shirts
The modern fashionable world was captivated by fashionable plaid shirts 2013-2014! This is one of the most important, perhaps, today's trends in the world of fashion. A shirt in a…

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Women's Fashion Plus Size
It is difficult for owners of non-standard figures and ladies with curvaceous shapes to choose a wardrobe for themselves that could fully satisfy their needs and emphasize all the feminine…

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How not to dress men
So, style and fashion ... Having asked almost any woman what is considered to be a trend today, she will easily give a complete list of what is fashionable and…

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Fashion bags

Dear girls, finally we got to such an important and interesting topic for us, girls, as fashion bags 2013-2014! A bag is not only a product for contents, but also an independent wardrobe item of a modern girl, an indicator of her success and even character. We think that discussing how necessary this thing is in the wardrobe, it makes no sense, everything is so clear 🙂 What your handbag should be, of course, is up to you, but we believe that it will be interesting for everyone to familiarize yourself. We won’t talk much, we’ll better get acquainted with the news.

Before starting our review, let’s go over the main requirements and main trends regarding the relevance of bags.

Do not mix bag and shoes by color
Since the bag is considered to be an independent element of the wardrobe, then it may well differ in color – say, from shoes. Therefore, we boldly forget the eternal postulate of a fashionable woman to carry a bag in the tone of shoes – this is not fashionable long ago! Remember: to combine a bag is necessary only with the style of clothing. And that’s it. Continue reading

How to dress fashionably?

Those who live in big cities do not need to think about how to dress fashionably. Here, any shopping road will eventually lead to Zara, H&M, Topshop, where it is difficult to make a failed purchase, in terms of taste.

But if you had to be born and live on the periphery, you have to be content with some Incity, every day meeting a girl in the same T-shirt as yours, for 300 rubles. So, if a trip to the local shopping centers does not bring either pleasure or wonderful shopping, you have to go a different path.

How to dress fashionably if you live in a hole
Many people buy things over the Internet. Suddenly, the size does not fit, the purchase will be of poor quality, the parcel will be delayed and will not come to the right time. Such risks are always there, but they can be avoided. Continue reading

Fashion trends fall-winter

In the cold winter, the road to the sun is the fall-winter 2014-2015 fashion trends. Perhaps, we’ll start the procession through the fall-winter pages from the color palette. The riot of colors of the new collections symbolizes the Sun at all stages of its journey during the day – from dawn to hiding behind the horizon. In the morning we see a golden sunrise, in the afternoon – bright yellow shades, and closer to evening – a scarlet sunset.

• Gold has spread widely to women’s collections. So, having heard the phrase “golden woman” this season, do not rush to perceive it in a figurative sense.

• Various shades of yellow are inherent in many accessories 2014-2015. Particular emphasis is placed on individual details of clothing, as well as on a yellow floral print. Continue reading

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