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Coloring and coloring

The appearance of each person has its own color: the color of the skin, eyes and hair.
The colorist takes them as a basis and finds a palette that suits the individual color and harmonizes with it.

Instinctive feeling: Does this color suit me or not? – becomes conscious. When we talk about harmony of colors and a suitable palette, we mean a whole that harmoniously combines its own color and accompanying colors

Coloring and coloring All shades can be combined into groups according to various criteria. The two most important criteria are: warm and cold. Warm and cold colors, in turn, can be bright and muted. Sorting according to these criteria, we get four groups of colors. In two large groups, Warm and Cold, we distinguish two subgroups, Bright and Muted.

All shades in these groups have common features. They can be designated as A, B, C and D. But the designation Type A is not illustrative. Therefore, the colorist calls the color groups more precisely, turning to nature itself for an example. After all, each group of flowers resembles the color of one of the seasons. Thus, depending on your color, you can relate to the gamut of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Try to compare colors from all four groups with typical landscapes of the seasons! You will immediately see the relationship.

Imagine a flowering meadow the color of fresh herbs and green apples, the warm yellowness of crocuses, orange-red tulips, everywhere only warm bright colors!

Remember the sun, the sea and the beach, the dried grass and flowers from the heat. The brightness of the spring is muffled, the colors are colder.

Its palette is especially easy to imagine. Speaking of golden autumn, we think of autumn foliage, such shades as the bronze color of brass, copper, golden brown, faded green and olive.

This time of year is associated with clear, cold tones. Not only the temperature, but also the colors seem cold, the same as snow, ice and hoarfrost.

The color of our appearance, manifested in the color of the iris, the color of hair and skin, is subject to classification by four groups of colors. Therefore, colorists talk about the spring, summer, autumn or winter type.

Of course, it is not easy for an inexperienced person to immediately determine their own type of appearance. But compare yourself to other people who have the same eye color as you, for example, blue, gray, brown or green. You will immediately see that each has its own shade. The same applies to hair color. You discover the phenomenon: for each person with his individual color of appearance there is a color scheme suitable only to him.

Do you think that, aging and gray-haired, there is a change in color type? The most interesting thing is that this is not so. Pigmentation is changing, but very individually, that is, your type remains the same. The result of the color analysis remains unchanged. Your own color is permanent.

If I hear from an old man: I used to get black, now no or. Now, having grown older, I have to wear lighter colors – the way a colorist is, I know that black or dark shades were never optimal, and the lack of color was compensated by his youth or appearance.

Often, regardless of age, people instinctively feel the harmony between the external colors and their own color, but when buying glasses or clothes they are guided more by fashion or style. This is mistake!

Whenever you want your skin to tan or you feel that you need to apply make-up or your hair repainted in a different color looks good, this is a sure sign of the wrong choice of colors. An equally important role when buying is played by lighting and style, the type of fabric and accessories.

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