Manicure - fashion trends
Beautiful, well-groomed hands are an integral part of the stylish image of every woman. Of course, timely removal of the cuticle and keeping the fingers clean, falls into the category…

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Spring reincarnation
  The air smelled of spring ... More and more insistently warms the friendly spring sun. Winter reluctantly, but surely receded. Before we could look back, as nature changed into…

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T-shirts. Fashion trend or classic element.
A t-shirt is not just an element of universal clothing for women, men and children, but also a simple and universal look. Initially, the history of its evolution goes back…

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Fashion prints spring-summer

An unheard-of choice of prints in the new season of 2014 will enable literally everyone to find their own model to their taste. Fashion designers have updated old patterns from past seasons – in the end we have, though not surprises, but updated and stylish, trendy prints spring-summer 2014. Things will sparkle with new colors with prints, and the image will be more memorable.

Print face (portrait)
One of the most popular and interesting is a face or portrait print. It can be the faces of famous people or unknowns, but this print will still attract attention with its size and originality.

Floral print
A floral print has been moving from past seasons for more than one year, but still does not lose its relevance – feminine, fresh and bright, uplifting and representing spring and summer in all its glory.

It does not give up its positions, on the contrary, strengthens their so-called predatory, animalistic print. Most of all, it is popular among residents of megacities. Many women, putting on clothes with such a print, as if hinting: each woman by nature is a predator and will not miss her.

Geometric print
In color, it combines a simple stripe, a cage and more complex patterns. Polygons, squares, lines and circles are elements of fashionable patterns.

Oriental Cucumbers
Oriental cucumbers (popular name for patterns – paisley) have long been a part of fashionable and stylish ethnic elements and patterns. Therefore, ethical patterns perfectly fit the definition of spring-summer 2014 fashion prints. In the new season, designers applied this print to light chiffon and organza, and not to heavy brocade.

One of the modern trends is print abstraction. A mixture of all kinds of patterns and ornaments, a variety of patterns and ethnic motifs, flowers and geometric shapes, all this resembles a kaleidoscope of the world.

Yin Yang
A graphic print in the style of Yin and Yang, which will appeal to conservative fashionistas. The classic weave of white and black colors brings charm to the look.

The striped print has not gone out of fashion for three seasons, but nevertheless has not bothered yet, but continues to attract with its simplicity – the horizontal, vertical and diagonal stripes become even more interesting and memorable. In addition, the strip is slim and gives efficiency and grace.

The classic navy strip of plain or contrasting colors is still on the wave of popularity. Which year – especially in the summer. For example, a vest is a stylish choice.

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