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What to wear in the fall

Autumn, despite the fact that it began suddenly, has long prepared its own fashion trends in the cold season. The question immediately arises: what did the fashion of autumn 2013 prepare for us? Therefore, dear fashionistas, sadly, but it’s time to change the wardrobe for the fall – stylish and modern. You’ll like it!

1. Men’s coat
Of course, the first thing that should be present in the wardrobe of a modern girl is a coat. And what should be the coat, proceed from your tastes and preferences. But if you want to follow the latest fashion trends, then a definite answer: a coat in a man’s style.

2. Sweater
Not just sweaters, but sweaters with bulk and large knitting (for example, a pigtail pattern is considered to be fashionable this fall by right). Vibrant colors and prints are also welcome. Here it is, the fashion of autumn 2013!

3. Pants
What is important to know about this part of the wardrobe is that the ankle length fashionable this year remains valid! A warm fabric model is a must-have item in an autumn wardrobe. And if you often ask yourself the question: what to wear in the fall of 2013 to look stylish? ”, We will unequivocally answer: cropped trousers!

4. Overalls
Fashion creators do not stop there. Therefore, the fashion of autumn 2013 announces: overalls with warm fabric, and always with a belt, are relevant.

5. Lace dresses
If something comes into fashion, it’s forever. These words are about lace. Dresses framed by him will make the image original and elegant. And elegance and femininity are the most important requirement for an autumn fashionista.

6. Turtlenecks
Contrary to popular belief that, they say, turtlenecks are worn only by plain gray mice, it’s quite a mistake. Who does not agree – welcome to get acquainted with the fashion collection of Ralph Lauren and Issa, where cashmere, knit and knitted turtleneck patterns are vividly presented. What to wear in the fall of 2013? Right, turtleneck! 🙂

7. Checked shirts
I think that not only those who are interested in fashion noticed the fact that shirts in the cage became especially firmly in fashion. Moreover, the cell is very different: from large to small, from black and white to bright. There are elegant checkered shirts, and there are those that fit the everyday look (jeans, shorts, leggings).

8. Leather skirt
Do not doubt: a leather skirt will be almost the most successful purchase this season! And all because the fashion of autumn 2013 presents skirts and dresses made of leather in the most favorable light. A leather A-line skirt to the knee or below the knee will be beneficial to look with a strict blouse or with the aforementioned stylish turtleneck.

9. Biker boots
This fall, the creators of fashionable shoes offer a “rebellion”, i.e. wear biker boots. Rebel combined with “incongruous” romance (silk dresses, a light cloak or cashmere coat) will create the image of a modern impregnable and stylish girl.

10. Shopping bag
A universal bag where everything fits – isn’t that a dream for every girl? That’s why autumn 2013 offers a leather shopping bag for all occasions. Wherever you go, the bag will be appropriate anywhere.

Definitely, now the question of what should be worn in autumn 2013 should not arise, because now you already perfectly know what a surprise autumn has prepared for you in the form of the latest clothing novelties! And you should appreciate it!

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What to wear in the fall
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