Femininity development
True beauty and femininity are timeless. ” Marilyn Monroe Woman is a special creature, different from man. A woman is a particle of God in a living soul. John Gray’s…

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Are Russian folk clothes alive now? And, if it is still alive, how does it exist in the modern world and modern Russia? The answer is yes, alive. And she…

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Fashion trends of the season
World designers recommend fall colors to fashionistas and women of fashion: traditional spring brightness and freshness in our wardrobes, according to the fashion verdict of the fashion industry, is not…

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No. 1. Discover strategic places
In order to look spectacular and not vulgar, you need to understand what you can open and what is best left under clothes. After all, revealing too much, you take away a riddle from your image. Jen Ryde – stylist Jenna Fisher and Angelina Jolie advises you to choose only one part of the body that you decided to bare today. Leave the rest under the clothes. For example, when opening your legs, forget about the deep neckline.
No. 2. Choose the right trouser length
Stylist Katy Young says that one of the main problems of modern women is the inability to choose the length of trousers or jeans for shoes for their figure. Regardless of what you choose – ballet flats or long hairpins, the distance from the floor to the end of the leg should vary from 1.3-1.5 cm.

No. 3. Leave your hands free
Well-known British stylist Cher Coulter gives advice for those who love handbags. If you were invited to a party or buffet, leave large handbags and clutches at home. Bring a miniature and elegant handbag on a chain. She perfectly complements the image and frees your hands. It will be convenient for you to hold a glass and easily dance to pleasant music, just throw a chain strap over your shoulder.

Number 4. Correctly shape your figure
Whatever trends are in fashion, no doubt discard them, dressing only those silhouettes that best emphasize your figure – recommends the designer Shoshana Gruss. For example, if you are short, with a fairly rounded shape, you better avoid a low-waisted style skirt. Better wear a dress with a clearly defined waist and medium skirt length.

No. 5. The vest is the best option for the weekend
At the weekend, according to Tin Chai, white items with a blue or red strip without a neck look great. It is both versatile and stylish.

No. 6. Never buy a boring coat
A coat should definitely emphasize your appearance and beauty, says Jenn Young, one of the partner designers at Holmes & Yang Fashion House. After all, so many people see you only in a coat, and what you have underneath, the majority will not know.

Number 7. Conquer your fear of bright colors
Any woman who wants to look stylish and beautiful must have bright things in her wardrobe. You will fall into the apple if you combine pastel shades with something bright, for example, with a yellow skirt. It’s better to think twice before putting on something bright with black, because in such a combination the bright color may seem faded – recommends designer Chris Benz. It’s best to start introducing bright shades a little bit, using those shades that you, for example, use in your home.

Number 8. With a small budget – buy stylish accessories
Stylish jewelry and beautiful shoes will transform even the most basic things, such as jeans and a T-shirt, says stylist Isabella Dupre. If you have a lot of different little things in your wardrobe, you can not get over the whole image.

No. 9. Wear stud earrings
Carnations are suitable for any style, color, style of dress. No other product can compare with them – stylist Rob Zangardi shares his experience.

No. 10. Match shoes to your skin color
To make your legs look longer, choose flesh-colored shoes. If you have colored tights, shoes of the same shade have the same effect. Stylist Rachel Zoe reminds women that a triangular toe lengthens the foot.

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