Stylish dress code

Fashion bags
Dear girls, finally we got to such an important and interesting topic for us, girls, as fashion bags 2013-2014! A bag is not only a product for contents, but also…

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Fashionable knitwear
Ahead is the cold winter days, and so I want warmth, comfort and softness ... For this, knitwear 2013-2014 was created - to warm in the cold winter and add…

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Hair Dye: Important to Know
Hair dye for most women is associated with a change in their image or its constant maintenance. Resorting to the procedure of staining women, change the shade of their natural…

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How to dress fashionably?

Those who live in big cities do not need to think about how to dress fashionably. Here, any shopping road will eventually lead to Zara, H&M, Topshop, where it is difficult to make a failed purchase, in terms of taste.

But if you had to be born and live on the periphery, you have to be content with some Incity, every day meeting a girl in the same T-shirt as yours, for 300 rubles. So, if a trip to the local shopping centers does not bring either pleasure or wonderful shopping, you have to go a different path.

How to dress fashionably if you live in a hole
Many people buy things over the Internet. Suddenly, the size does not fit, the purchase will be of poor quality, the parcel will be delayed and will not come to the right time. Such risks are always there, but they can be avoided. Continue reading

Fashion trends of the season

World designers recommend fall colors to fashionistas and women of fashion: traditional spring brightness and freshness in our wardrobes, according to the fashion verdict of the fashion industry, is not trendy this season.

Nevertheless, Russians accustomed to following fashion trends are unlikely to be surprised, because the color palette of last spring was built in the same way: those who manage to “sweep” clothes and accessories in cool blue and warm pink shades from the store shelves will be on the fashionable top.

The editors of 24MI found out that in the spring season it will be considered fashionable and trendy. Use the listed colors – spring-2016 in this case will “thank” you with enthusiastic looks of the opposite sex and a good mood. Continue reading

Fashion trends fall-winter

In the cold winter, the road to the sun is the fall-winter 2014-2015 fashion trends. Perhaps, we’ll start the procession through the fall-winter pages from the color palette. The riot of colors of the new collections symbolizes the Sun at all stages of its journey during the day – from dawn to hiding behind the horizon. In the morning we see a golden sunrise, in the afternoon – bright yellow shades, and closer to evening – a scarlet sunset.

• Gold has spread widely to women’s collections. So, having heard the phrase “golden woman” this season, do not rush to perceive it in a figurative sense.

• Various shades of yellow are inherent in many accessories 2014-2015. Particular emphasis is placed on individual details of clothing, as well as on a yellow floral print. Continue reading


There are probably not many women in the world who are fully satisfied with their natural hair color. That is why we paint them and do highlights. But how to choose the perfect hair color? As for appearance, we women do not want to look average, we need to look better than anyone. Before dyeing your hair in any color, I strongly advise you to make sure your choice is correct, otherwise experimenting with color will bring your hair to a very sad result. In this article we will try to help you choose the right hair color for yourself.

First of all, I want to say that nature has already chosen the perfect combination of your eyes, skin and hair. But if something still does not suit you, it is not necessary to immediately paint radically. You can pick up the paint 1-2 tones darker or lighter. With this choice, firstly, dyed hair will look completely natural. Secondly, you don’t have to paint so often, because overgrown roots will not practically stand out. But most often, of course, we want something radically new and radical. This is especially true of such moments in life when we want to not only dye our hair or change our haircut, but also change our image in general. Continue reading


Fashion is the art of dressing your body. And if you know the shape of your body, and any woman must know this, then you can find clothes that will match and emphasize your beauty.

Determine your body shape
When you think about the types of body shape, do not focus on height and weight. Focus your attention on the form.

Each of us is unique – and our bodies too! But, nevertheless, as a rule, the shape of the body can be divided into 5 main types: pear, triangle, rectangle, apple and hourglass. Continue reading

Fashion Classic Clothing Style
Beyond new trends and inventions is the classic style of clothing. Each season, trendsetters introduce new elements, and add new elements to the familiar classics that do not lose their…


Fashion plaid shirts
The modern fashionable world was captivated by fashionable plaid shirts 2013-2014! This is one of the most important, perhaps, today's trends in the world of fashion. A shirt in a…


Fashion is the art of dressing your body. And if you know the shape of your body, and any woman must know this, then you can find clothes that will…


Good image
  Nowadays, we women are literally attacked with advice on how we should look at work. Magazines are full of photographs of attractive young models in ultramodern, but shockingly short…