Fashion trends fall-winter
In the cold winter, the road to the sun is the fall-winter 2014-2015 fashion trends. Perhaps, we’ll start the procession through the fall-winter pages from the color palette. The riot…

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You are hereUseful Tips Fashion Bomber Jacket: Why Wear It?
In past seasons, a bomber jacket seemed just one of the possible additions to the increasingly popular Athleisure style. But now she is increasingly attracting the attention of designers. Isn't…

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What to wear in the fall
Autumn, despite the fact that it began suddenly, has long prepared its own fashion trends in the cold season. The question immediately arises: what did the fashion of autumn 2013…

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mandatory care


Fashion is the art of dressing your body. And if you know the shape of your body, and any woman must know this, then you can find clothes that will match and emphasize your beauty.

Determine your body shape
When you think about the types of body shape, do not focus on height and weight. Focus your attention on the form.

Each of us is unique – and our bodies too! But, nevertheless, as a rule, the shape of the body can be divided into 5 main types: pear, triangle, rectangle, apple and hourglass. Continue reading

Daily femininity training

Nowadays, the popular idea of ​​the development of femininity, as a lost state of mind and body. And it is not entirely clear what exactly can be obtained from one’s labors. It’s much easier to understand what you don’t want anymore, because that’s enough! You have probably noticed from other women how their appearance and life are changing in accordance with the state of mind. The truth is that a happy woman seems to glow from the inside. A lively, joyful, loving soul adorns any body. Conversely, no beauty industry can help decorate a body with a greedy, dull and dreary soul. Therefore, today’s article, according to our tradition, is about true beauty: from the inside to the outside. Continue reading

Fashion bag: choose the right one

How to recognize a woman? You can pay attention to makeup, hands, clothes or shoes. However, there is a thing that is able to tell the whole truth about the mistress, to reveal all the most secret secrets and to acquaint her with her character. As you may have guessed, it will be about a woman’s handbag.

Fashionable bag But today we look at the bag not as the sovereign and guardian of women’s secrets. We will lead a story about how to “tame” this mistress and become the owner of an ideal thing that performs several functions:

The function of a stylish accessory;
The “storage” function of the right things.
Hobo, Clutch, Kelly, Tote … Selection of a woman’s bag is not an easy task!
Before practice – a little theory. What kinds of handbags are there at all?

Here is a sample list of fashion accessories: Continue reading

Fashion that terrifies
Miss world, Miss Universe ... What beauty contests only their organizers do not invent in search of the most beautiful woman in the world! For us, the inhabitants of the…


Nonspecial and stylish clothes for pregnant women
Pregnancy is a fabulous, magical time when the expectant mother, in anticipation of a miracle, looks especially, soulful, attractive, feminine. It emits light and a special beauty, unlike any other.…


How to dress fashionably?
Those who live in big cities do not need to think about how to dress fashionably. Here, any shopping road will eventually lead to Zara, H&M, Topshop, where it is…


Daily femininity training
Nowadays, the popular idea of ​​the development of femininity, as a lost state of mind and body. And it is not entirely clear what exactly can be obtained from one's…