Fashionable shoes autumn
In our new article Fashionable Shoes Fall 2013 Biscuit will tell you about the latest fall shoes! Too quickly the bad weather came to us, and with it the need…

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Are Russian folk clothes alive now? And, if it is still alive, how does it exist in the modern world and modern Russia? The answer is yes, alive. And she…

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What to wear with a pencil skirt?
Fashionable pencil skirt is perfect not only for office style. But with what to wear a pencil skirt, to be elegant, and touching-cute, and sexy, and at the same time…

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8 reasons to be beautiful and stylish beautiful and stylish Beauty issues at all times remained relevant. It is known that Cleopatra

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What to wear with a pencil skirt?

Fashionable pencil skirt is perfect not only for office style. But with what to wear a pencil skirt, to be elegant, and touching-cute, and sexy, and at the same time business, you ask. A one-color classic pencil skirt in black, gray, brown or dark blue is simply obliged to be in the wardrobe of every girl. A black skirt that is up to the middle of the knee in combination with a jacket will help to create a stylish, yet graceful, attractive image of a stylish modern girl.

In cool weather, wear a cardigan, sweater or turtleneck with a high neck to the skirt. But the V-shaped cuts of blouses or a turtleneck in union with a pencil skirt will lengthen the silhouette and visually make the figure slimmer. Continue reading

Fashion prints spring-summer

An unheard-of choice of prints in the new season of 2014 will enable literally everyone to find their own model to their taste. Fashion designers have updated old patterns from past seasons – in the end we have, though not surprises, but updated and stylish, trendy prints spring-summer 2014. Things will sparkle with new colors with prints, and the image will be more memorable.

Print face (portrait)
One of the most popular and interesting is a face or portrait print. It can be the faces of famous people or unknowns, but this print will still attract attention with its size and originality.

Floral print
A floral print has been moving from past seasons for more than one year, but still does not lose its relevance – feminine, fresh and bright, uplifting and representing spring and summer in all its glory. Continue reading

Fashionable shoes summer

Are you looking for fashionable shoes? Interested in the latest trends in the fashion industry? Do you want to find your style, your not just your favorite model, but also interesting, original, which would emphasize the advantages of your legs? Then forward, to you – to us! Together, it will be more fun to consider the most fashionable shoes of the summer of 2013 on points and understand what to combine with and what.

No. 1. Wedge Sandals
Do not give up their position which year wedge sandals. This incredibly comfortable and beautiful model is a great idea for girls who always want their legs to look feminine, like heels, but at the same time it’s convenient, like on the platform. With such shoes, you don’t need to think which outfit to choose – the wedge heels look great with all the clothes: shorts, skirts, dresses, trousers, jeans and will be appropriate for any place you go to. Advantages: those who love heels will not have to change their usual shoe height. Continue reading

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